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(and its main active ingredient Cucurmin)

General Information


  • Inflammation
  • Candida
  • Cholesterol: interferes with its absorption in the intestine and also improves the body's ability to break down and eliminate cholesterol.
  • Cancer (inhibits tumor formation)
  • Hinders the activity of microbes
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Blood-thinnning / anti-clotting: in one study "turmeric was found to be so effective that the authors who reported it in a 1986 article in a German medical journal regarded it as the treatment of choice for anyone prone to developing blood clots." (Quoted from Info Source #1, below)
  • Possibly Genital Herpes (topically)
  • Protects the liver
  • Increases the activity of glutathione S-transferase

Other active ingredients


  • says for treatment of atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, the recommended dosage is 400 mg three times daily.
  • Always take it with food


  • Increases bile flow: should not be taken if gallstones (or any biliary tract obstruction) are present.
  • Avoid high doses when taking blood-thinning drugs

More Info Sources

  1. Herbs for Health and Healing > Arteriosclerosis — information taken from the Rodale Press book, Herbs for Health and Healing, by Kathi Keville and Peter Korn. The whole book is available online. The authors mention studies, without referencing them. However often they give enough information that you can then find better references through a Web search.
  2. Turmeric Root at Extensive references.

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