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A Canary's Eye View — Supplements
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Currently I'm Taking
Alpha-ketoglutaric acid
Jo Mar Labs, 450 mg / day
Calcium D-Glucarate
Tyler, 3500 mg / day
Co-enzyme Q10
Vitaline, 800 mg / day
Evening Primrose Oil
Efamol, 4000 mg /day
Magnesium chloride & magnesium acetate (liquid)
Cardiovascular Research, 665 mg / day
Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts)
3 pounds in warm bath 45 minutes / day
Potassium gluconate
Bronson, 98 mg / day
Vitamin A
Bronson, 5000 mg / day
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol)
Verified Quality, 1600 mg / day
Vitamin E
"Unique-E" by Grace, 600 mg / day
Vitamin K
Douglas, 300 mg / day

I look for the simplest, purest formulations I can find, because I don't tolerate so many of the substances used as excipients and capsules; and because encapsulation subjects the contents to heat. If I have to use a product that comes in a capsule, I pull it apart and sprinkle the ingredients on my food — or if it's a gelcap, I bite into it and suck the liquid out.

(I also take these, which are not supplements but prescription drugs:
Natural in water gel, .00321425 mg / day
Natural micronized, in olive oil with nothing else, 450 mg /day topically
Natural, in olive oil with nothing else, 1 mg /day

Again, I get the purest form I can, and avoid all pharmaceutical products — even over-the-counter medications — because of their chemicals. )

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