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The ususal supplements?

Making sure you're getting a full complement of vitamins and minerals can be more complicated for a canary than just taking a multivitamin. Many of us are sensitive to one or another ingredient of them: the excipient, flavoring, coloring, even a vitamin or mineral. Sometimes you can get a multi without what bothers you: iron, for example. But I can't take multivitamins because my tolerance for vitamin C varies from day to day. I have to keep adjusting how much I take. And all the multivitamins contain vitamin C.

Then again a canary's need for one of the ingredients in a multivitamin may be much more than for the others. Conditions associated with MCS — leaky gut and liver dysfunction, for example — can reduce how well your body actually absorbs and uses what your're taking. Or you may find you need a different form of one nutrient. It took me a long time to find a form of magnesium I can tolerate.

I 'm always tinkering with what I'm taking. It means I've had to learn what to look for in my body's response to supplements. Some of that is information applicable to everyone, which I have learned by reading — and some is just me, which I have learned by observing my experience. It helps to keep notes of your observations of your body.

Unusual supplements

Here are some slightly more exotic supplements that I believe have cut down on my sensitivities. They help the liver break down and excrete various substances.

Others I have tried or want to try are listed in the navigation menu to the left.

Sources of information

For information on the organs of digestion; on disorders associated with them, including leaky gut; on diagnostic techniques and on treatment, including dietary supplements, read Digestive Wellness, by Elizabeth Lipski (New Canaan, CT: Keats Publishing, 1996). Understanding the critical role of digestion in health gives you a basis for examining what happens when you eat. Lipski shows how leaky gut syndrome can cause — or in any case exacerbate — MCS.

I try to learn what I can about vitamins — but I also rely heavily on the expertise of my nutritionist. For many years I consulted one who was familiar with MCS patients; I recently switched to the one from whom I got my copy of Digestive Wellness.

For some sites I've found useful in learning about supplements, see my list of Authorities.

Please note

I am not advising anyone to do what I'm doing. Your body may react entirely differently from mine. I am not a doctor, and do not know enough about these supplements to recommend them.

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