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Applications of electricity for healing

The most common application of electrical current in healing is for broken bones that have not joined. This is a long-accepted technique. Becker's research shows that the right current stimulates cells in the affected area to change certain characteristics, becoming capable of regrowth. Becker describes other applications, none of which are common in the USA.

Rife Resonant Therapy

A controversial technique of applying electomagnetic radiation of specific frequencies for specific disorders. Go to The Energy Machine, from which you can access both the Rife Research Web Ring, and an index of Rife Project files.

Photon Sound Beams

Another far-out technique I just heard about. My first reaction is skepticism... but then, I used to think electricity was simply a technological blessing.... So I guess I'll study this one more, like at the page on their Photon Sound Beam VIII


Oboy. Now I'm really getting into esoteric stuff. But something tells me I'd better check this out too, perhaps at the site of the Qigong Institute. The organization of this page has gone to hell, gotta change it... but this will do for the moment....

Two kinds of magnets

Powerful electromagnets which change polarity in set pulses are used in hospitals to treat certain conditions. For example a recent report shows success in treating incontinence by having the patient sit on the electromagnet.

Fixed magnets, which occur at lower strengths in natural lodestone, have been used for healing since ancient times, but medical science has not credited this method of treatment and thus not studied it well, especially in the USA. Recently a new form of static magnet has been devised, in which the charge is distributed in a grid of magnetic poles; some authorities feel this avoids what are warned to be unhealthy effects of the positively charged pole. 

Applications of magnets for healing

Preliminary research has shown that magnets have possibilities for...

  • increasing melatonin and thus improving sleep
  • decreasing certain kinds of pain
  • counteracting osteoporosis .. and much more.

In general, magnets are considered not to directly heal, but to aid healing, and thus work well with other treatments. For full information, see Biomagnetic Healing, a complete book online by Gary Null. With references.

Healing magnets supplement waning geomagnetism?

Scientists have observed for some time that the Earth's natural magnetic field is decreasing in strength. (Becker discusses this at some length in Chapter 7.)

Kyoichi Nakagawa, M.D. (Chief of Tokyo's Isuzu Hospital) asserts that we need to expose ourselves to more magnetism because the Earth is not providing us enough; he calls magnetism a nutrient. See Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Magnetic Treatment — by Kyoichi Nakagawa. Translation of the article which appeared in the Japan Medical Journal No. 2745 December 4th, 1976. With references.

Energy Medicine

Becker proposes the term "Energy Medicine" for what we frequently call Alternative Medicine, because these diverse therapies all address energy imbalances as fundamental to ill health.

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