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Finding a medical pro who can really help

Finding doctors competent to deal with MCS, etc. is tough. Look for one who practices "integrated medicine" or "complementary medicine" or "clinical ecology" or "environmental medicine."

A few interesting ones:

Referral Services

  • The American Academy of Environmental Medicine provides a searchable database of referable physicians.
  • MCSurvivors has a referral list of physicians, centers, and related resources.
  • Health World Online has a feature called Find a Professional. I haven't found it very useful yet; perhaps it will improve.
  • MCS Referral and Resources: For $10, you can request a list of MCS-experienced physicians or toxicologists in a state.

For more Info...

Look in the sources of information listed in Support / Info.

A doctor you'd like to add?

and I'll put contact info on this list. Please supply

  • doctor's name, location, and phone number. (Website URL and email address are nice if they exist.)
  • a one-sentence description
  • permission to use your name and email address.

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