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My Symptoms of Problematic Sulfur

Eczema of fingertips: dry, hard, splitting skin (responds to topical sulfur, see III. Sulfur-reducing bacteria, below)

Loose ligaments (made primarily of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, two GAGs)

Fingernails (which need cysteine to form alpha-keratin) have been splitting, cracking and breaking into the quick (even though plasma cysteine is high). See Fingernail condition linked to osteoporosis.

Hyperacidity (sulfur is major source of buffering)

Difficulty digesting fats (bile needs taurine, a sulfur amino acid formed from the breakdown of cysteine)

Osteoporosis (due to lack of taurine, glutathione & chondroitin sulfate; also see Fingernail condition linked to osteoporosis.)

Intolerance of acetaminophen due to lack of sulfate for detoxing it. My GS test showed adequate acetaminophen sulfation, which surprised me. Have I healed my liver some since the bad reactions I had to it five years before?

Arthritis-like elements in Cumulative Trauma Disorder

Estrogen intolerance - react very badly to tiny amounts of estrogen and estrogen-mimics (eg phthalates) (sulfation is a main detox pathway for estrogen)

Severe gas pain, bloating when I eat foods with much sulfur in them

  • Possibly from sulfur-reducing bacteria in intestines? - Common in dental infections, of which I've had plenty.
  • Likely some from Candida albicans; candida control helps

Slow progressive weight loss even though I'm stuffing myself. Probably from deficiency of cysteine in my diet.

Homocysteine increasing

Strong reactions to sulfur supplementation

  • NAC - initial symptoms of a liver attack (see Liver Attacks)
  • SAMe (make sure all that was here is on Canary/SAMe
  • Glutathione (see My Experience with Glutathione)
  • Epsom Salts (magnesium sulfate)
    • bath (5 cups, 45 minutes)
      • reduces arthritis-like pain, especially in wrists and hands
      • neutralizes many adverse reactions
      • (BUT if I make the bath too deep or lie on my stomach, I can get
        • severe, disablingly painful intestinal bloating and foul, rotten-egg smelling gas
        • diarrhea for two days (probably from magnesium)
      • you'd think this was a topical application but it seems clear it's getting into the digestive tract and then...
      • something there is breaking down the sulfate into sulfite (like sulfur-reducing bacteria?) ...or...
      • a member of the AMALGAM email list theorizes that sulfate absorbed through skin gets into the acid stomach and there becomes sulfur dioxide, impairing pterin synthesis... (but if this is the case, wouldn't everyone have trouble with this?)
    • topical Epsom Salts
      • heals eczema of fingertips
      • relieves wrist & hand pain attributed to Repetitive Stress
      • (as mouthwash) heals canker sores
  • Topical Aloe vera (active ingredient Methyl Sulfanyl Methane) - heals
    • split lip
    • eczema of fingertips
    • Repetitive Stress pain in hands and wrists
Clean up Mercury Poisoning Study notes
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Last updated 30 January 2007