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  • Mercury frequently has a stronger affinity for hormone-binding sites than their normal horomone activators have. As a result, even though the hormone is present in the bloodstream, it may not be able to act as it should. [I just got test results that show I'm excreting not mercury, but cadmium; does it do this too?]
  • iThyroid.com — lots of good resources, including medical abstracts and a bulletin board for sharing. No search engine, but the site is well organized. Info on connections between thyroid and a long list of conditions.
  • Thyroid links
  • Gland Central
  • "It is clear that when we want to study the regulation and the function of thyroid hormones, we cannot only limit ourselves to measuring the hormone concentrations in plasma, but we also need to pay attention to the deiodination and sulfation of thyroid hormones, their transport and the interaction with different receptors" — Regulation of the Peripheral Thyroid Hormone Metabolism.

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15 May 2002