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A Canary's Eye View — Metabolic Basis
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Interpretation of my Fatty Acids Analysis, Sept. '01

(preliminary notes reflecting on the results of my Comprehensive Detoxification Profile done 28 November 2001 by Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab)

"After age thirty, the ability to produce GLA slows due to loss of Delta 6 Desaturase enzyme activity, and at 65, production is probably reduced to 1/3 what it was at age 25. Furthermore, any intake of transfatty acids, lack of good saturated fats, excess salicylates, excess alpha linolenic acid (ALA—an Omega-3 fatty acid, precursor to EPA/DHA, found in high amounts in flax seed, flax seed oil, and walnuts), high carbohydrate meals, acetaldehydes (from candida and alcohol), viral infection (commonly present in ASD), hypothyroidism, diabetes, and stress all interfere with Delta 6 Desaturase, as does a deficiency of vitamins B6 and B12, biotin, niacin, magnesium, and zinc." [Willis Langford, Mastering Autism - a manuscript available only to members of his Yahoo! discussion group.]
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