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Interpretation of Liver Detox Profile

Reflecting on the results of my Comprehensive Detoxification Profile done 28 November 2001 by Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab (now called Genova Diagnostics)

Phase I

Caffeine Clearance - within range, but in relation to Phase II processes, is out of balance. Specifically looking at the Phase I / glycination ratio, I am a "pathological detoxifier." My P450 enzymes make their toxic products too fast for my glycination to handle.

Phase II

Sulfur Metabolism: for details see Defect(s) in my Sulfur Metabolism

  • High Plasma Cysteine / Low Plasma Sulfate - suggests deficiency in cysteine dioxygenase (CDO).
  • Glutathione Conjugation is too low.
  • Elevated Glutathione peroxidase
    • For anti-oxidation: indicates high free radicals [Until this, I was often cooked certain foods in such a way as to create some carmelization. Now I've reduced this, and in addition no longer use any cooking method which requires heating oil.)
    • Uses
      • glutathione
      • selenium (which I have trouble taking, and in any case Great Smokies Elemental Analysis showed my selenium way above range.)
  • Sulfation — high (just above reference range): this surprised me, because it didn't agree with my experience. For details see Sulfation.

Glycine Conjugation
Mine tests just under the lower limit of the reference range. Need more study.

Glucuronidation — low (just within reference range): this surprised me too, because I had been taking Calcium D-Glucarate to support this pathway. So I increased the dose, from 500 mg daily (2 capsules) to the maximum suggested dose of 2250 mg. Results were dramatic: I can now tolerate a lot more exposures to chemicals that would have made me very sick before. Glucuronidation is a slow pathway; often I'll start to feel bad on exposure, but if I get away from it and into good, fresh air, I can recover without a full liver attack. High doses of this loosen my bowels, but I've been able to balance that with foods that tend to constipate me.

Last updated 21 March 2008