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Genovations DetoxiGenomic Profile - Introduction

My story: In June 2006 I was very fortunate to receive financial aid that enabled me to have this test made.

Initially I was not interested in it, because I'd had such a hard time getting any doctors to pay attention to the results of the functional tests of my 2001 Detoxification Profile. Most had no idea what it was about. In addition, they usually dismissed my request that they look into it, saying it was too old. It did no good for me to say that the problems it pointed to were still with me.

With the DetoxiGenomic Profile, however, doctors could no longer claim the results were too old. My genetics will not have changed.

(Unfortunately most doctors still have no idea what to do with the information. I know of some doctors who could probably make use of it, but I'm too sick to travel to them. So I'm still studying the information I can find on my own, thanks to the Web.)

I'm also grateful to Genovations for making available such cutting-edge testing, and for giving some attention to presenting the results intelligibly. As I study the results, I'm impressed with the readability of their report; it must have been a challenge to conceptualize a visual layout to organize this information.

Still there is room for improvement.

In the pages in which I present the infomation here, I try to explain what I have learned from the Genovations report. I am sure there will be errors, which are due to my own lack of understanding, and entirely my own responsibility, not Genovations'.

General principles:

SNPs in the genes coding for a particular enzyme can increase or, more commonly, decrease the activity of that enzyme. Both increased and decreased activity may be harmful. (It's easy to understand that decreased toxin clearance will cause trouble; for how increased clearance can harm see Pathological detoxifiers.)


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  • Phase I: functionalization (oxidation, reduction or hyrolysis reactions, increasing solubility of substrate)
  • Phase II: conjugation (further increases solubility, by combining the lipophilic products of Phase I with another substance, resulting in a water-soluble compound able to be excreted)

Last updated 12 Dec 2007