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Losing and can't gain

Most of my life I was not fat but "chubby" or "plump" — and struggled to keep my weight down. Suddenly in the last five years it has melted away, and now I have the opposite problem. At first it was funny; I loved letting the hungry kid in me eat more often.

But at this point I'm down to 95 pounds (on a medium frame 5 foot 2 inches tall), can't manage to gain, and am losing steadily: I'm getting alarmed.

When one of my "liver attacks" happens, I lose weight. Even with only a mild attack, when I can still eat white meat chicken, summer squash and zucchini, I lose a pound each time. I'm recovering from the attacks faster in the past six months (since I stopped using a denture I'm sure had cadmium in it) but I'm losing 2 to 4 pounds a month. (See My Diet for more on what I eat.)

Deteriorating digestion

I used to tolerate more cabbage-family veggies; that got worse after I took Cefadroxil for an infection in August 2002, and then worse again after I had problems taking glutathione in May 2005.

I eat as much as I can, but if I get too full that triggers an attack too. A long time ago I used Betazyme (Betaine HCL with protease) until it started bothering me.

I also used to use a digestive enzyme product, until that started to bother me too; for a while it worked to switch to another that seemed less potent ... and then another even milder.... but each in turn started to give me my other main reaction I get to several things: a severe sinus headache. One nutritionist identified this as a "histamine headache" but I don't know exactly how that works. I get them to mold and dust, and they can in turn trigger a "liver attack."

Finally, I also used to take probiotics, but when a nutritionist gave me a powerful one, it gave me first hunger an hour after I ate, then constipation, and finally, a liver attack. I found ones that were probably weaker, but eventually they gave me liver attacks too.

Dairy I've not tolerated for a long time — except when glutathione was working for me last March and April, I could eat a little goat yogurt every day. I went crazy, I loved it, I craved it! At one time I tried sauerkraut juice, but in addition to too much sulfur, eating carbohydrate without protein first was a problem.

My intestinal flora

Have had several Great Smokies tests of what they called, as of the most recent in 2002, Microbiology. At that time the level of Candida albicans was not too high, and beneficial and additional bacteria were okay, except for Citrobacter freundii, which had shown up before. I tried Tanalbit plant tannins to kill the C. freundii, but it gave me liver attacks.

In addition to the "liver" reaction, sulfur foods give me a lot of gas; looks like this could be from either the bacteria or the yeast (or both).


  • I'm trying out some pyroxidal 5 phosphate (P5P) by Pure Encapsulations, hoping that it may stimulate taurine production (hoping that part of my sulfur problem is not enough taurine for bile).
  • (I could also try taking taurine, am a little intimidated by strong warnings to get doctor's supervision when using single amino acids.)
  • Ideas for improving my intestinal flora:
    • An experienced applied kinesiologist wants to try muscle-testing me for various probiotics.
    • I'd like to get some sauerkraut made with a healthy culture (perhaps making my own?), try eating a little instead of plain cabbage, along with the rest of a meal.
    • Lactoferrin will kill both yeast and bacteria. I need to research it a bit more, then hope to try it.
  • Methionine?
    • Parcell, in Sulfur in Human Nutrition and Applications in Medicine says when sulfate "was administered" to animals on a cysteine-deficient diet, the "sulfate was demonstrated to spare the physiological need for cysteine and reverse weight loss."
    • Cysteine isn't essential in humans; we can make it from methionine. But methionine is. I can't help wondering if I can spare my body's poor methionine-processing capacity, so it can go for protein synthesis, by increasing the topical sulfate I get via my Epsom Salts bath. (Am increasing it.)
    • Parcell says "cysteine, but not methionine, becomes labeled with radioactive-S when radioactive sulfate is fed or injected into animals." In other words, metabolism processes used sulfate to make cysteine. Pretty clearly I need to avoid that; will topical application make a difference?

I'm interested in suggestions from others! Please

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