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The Basic Problem?

With little understanding of the disorder or disorders underlying Canary problems, we currently have several named conditions used for diagnosis — which overlap, and may turn out to be different ways of looking at the same thing.

In Alphabet Soup I list the better-known ones, (which are often referred to by acronyms).

See also EI? MCS? TILT?

In addition

Many other conditions, which may be part of the basic problem, are nevertheless ones doctors are used to dealing with separately.

It's crucial to keep one's whole system in mind; a particular treatment for one of these conditions, even though commonly considered without drawbacks, may be dangerous for a Canary.

At the same time, addressing the condition separately may give you a way to start on the whole puzzle. This is especially useful with doctors who have no awareness of MCS etc.

Here are my notes on the conditions I've been dealing with.

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2 August 2002