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Amalgam Poisoning

A great deal of Canary conditions may be due to poisoning by mercury and other metals in dental amalgams. The information is dispersed throughout this site; I hope to coordinate it better soon.

There is also good information on this subject at the CFS Nutrition site. This company was founded by a man who was poisoned by amalgams, had terrible health, puzzled out for himself what he needed, and healed himself. My role model.

Amalgam Tattoos

There's discussion of these on the AMALGAM email list [get some references].

Oral surgeons who might do removal

  • Dr. Stephen Evans
    • recommended by member of AMALGAM list
    • he does cavitations, need to check about tattoos
    • in Ontario, Canada


  • Cavitations - a progressive disease of the jawbone which kills bone cells and produces large hollowed-out areas of bony tissue or a soft mass enclosing particles of necrotic (dead) bone. Also called NICO, Neuralgia-Inducing Osteonecrosis.
  • Cavitations, by Dr. Karen Shrimplin
  • Detection by sonography
    • Cavitat Medical Technologies, Inc. — "new and innovative technologies to detect and precisely image porosity of the bone to aid medical professionals in diagnosing the debilitating effects of Bone Marrow Edema Syndrome, Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis (NICO), Osteomylitis and Periodontal Pockets of the Buccal Bone."
    • The Maxillofacial Center's Description
  • See the Doctors and Clinics section of General Medical Info Links

Root Canal Fillings


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