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Candida albicans
& other parsitic yeasts) — study notes

Candida Metabolism

  • Uses sulfur and B vitamins. [? — Get references.]
  • Increases from progesterone's raising the blood sugar. (A pharmacist at Womens's International Pharmacy mentioned this to me in a phone conversation.)
  • Reduces the helper-suppresser ratio of T lymphocytes. [need info, refs]
  • Produces hydrogen sulfide in fermenting carbohydrates [need ref]
  • Locks mercury in its cell walls; mercury enters circulation again when Candida is killed [get ref.]
  • Methylates mercury.(See Hydrogen Sulfide)


  • Great Smokies: Dysbiosis
  • Metametrix: Arabinitol - "The D isomer of arabinitol is produced by fungal metabolism and is urinary excretion is elevated in patients with invasive candidiasis" (Organic Compounds in Urine: Metabolic Profiling to Assess Functional Nutrient Deficiencies Gut Dysbiosis, and Toxicity, by J. Alexander Bralley, Ph.D., C.C.N. and Richard S. Lord, Ph.D. They cite...
    • Bernard EM, Wong B, Armstrong D, Sterioisomeric configuration of arabinitol in serum, urine, and tissues in invasive candidiasis. J Infect Dis 1985;151(4); 711-5.
    • Roboz J, Diagnosis and monitoring of disseminated candidiasis based on serum/urine D/L-arabinitol ratios. Chirality 1994; 6(2): 51-7.

      also has a link to the PDF:
      Lord RS, Burdette CK, Bralley JA, Urinary Markers of Yeast Overgrowth. Integrative Medicine. 2004;3(5): 24-29. (PDF) (Oct/Nov 2004

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