Diary of Changes to A Canary's-Eye View

When I make a small change to a page on this site, I'm not going to bother to point it out. This page is for mentioning new pages, new sections of the site, and for the occasions when I update a whole page and make sure all the links are current. (That's also indicated by the "Last updated" date at the bottom of the page).

4 Jan 08 Reoganized information on oxygen and corrected an error in my description of the connector required for the stainless steel supply tubing.
3 Jan 08 To Your Health, thoughts on the philosophy of health, by Inanna Arthen.
12 Dec 07 My 2006 Genovations DetoxiGenomic Profile, with health implications and some relevant interactions
16 Aug 07 A new sister to Canary's-Eye View: Medshift at Wikispaces - Wikispaces
- come join the conversation!
7 Aug 07 Starting a new page on Sulfur-reducing bacteria.
8 Jun 07 Sulfite Oxidase now has its own page. Pages are updated for The defects in my sulfur metabolism, and Molybdenum
4 Jun 07 All the links on the Support page are updated! And a new page added on how caffeine and menopause each reduce the kidney's ability to reclaim sulfate from the urine.
30 Jan 07 A page quoting the PubMed abstract of a study showing that fingernails and bones both need proper sulfur metabolism to form protein.
19 Sep 06 Finally the section that used to be titled "Study" is gone. All of this site is the incomplete record of my study, in process, of my medical situation.
2 Dec 05 Apologies for the chaotic condition of a lot of the new stuff added today: I needed to at least start getting the information recorded. The most important new page is on my top health concern right now, the fact that I'm losing too much weight.
19 Nov 05 Just put the Sulfur Dysfunction forum on hold, while I check out what looks like essentially the same thing, also on Yahoo! Health Groups: Sulfur Stories. I encourage everyone interested in sharing information on dysfunctional sulfur metabolism to join Sulfur Stories.
15 Nov 05 Added a new section to Metabolic Basis, on Sulfur Metabolism. Established a discussion forum at Yahoo! Health Groups called Sulfur Dysfunction, to share the work of researching these problems. (Added and moved several other pages to support this new focus.)
24 May 05 Studying sulfoxidation, I found an error on my page Interpretation of Liver Detox Profile. It had said that a high plasma cysteine / low plasma sulfate ration shows deficiency in phenol sulfotransferase (PST). That's not the right enzyme: this ratio actually indicates low cysteine dioxygenase (CDO).
21 Dec 04 Taking glutathione has helped me a lot recently; Glutathione Metabolism records my experience and most recent research.
25 Sep 03 Reorganized information on inflammation:
  • The list of healthy substances for treating it are no longer in Arthritis, but their own page, Anti-inflammatories. (I had a hard time deciding where to put it because I wanted to keep the list all together, and most are supplements, but some are foods! It went in Supplements.)
  • The Vitamin E page has more on it.
14 Sep 03 Reorganized notes on Glutathione:
1 Sep 03 Reorganizing my notes on hormones in order to work on them. Old links page is now broken up into separate pages in other sections: Estrogens, Progesterone, Serotonin and Melatonin, and Thyroid in Metabolic Basis, and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Challenges.
30 Aug 03 New page: Co-Enzyme A.
9 Aug 03 Back to studying Candida albicans. The page for it has moved from Links to Conditions, and there are a few study notes ... but haven't checked all the URLs yet.

... and to studying sulfur, with a new page on Sulfur Metabolism, and a separate page for the Sulfation pathway in Liver Phase II (formerly on Detoxification).

10 Nov 02 Too many changes to list, again. The most important is that I think the Support page is entirely up to date!
3 Oct 02 A new section — Other Alternative Medicine — on treatments better for canaries, for conditions perhaps not fundamentally related to canary problems (though who knows?).
23 Sep 02 Starting a page on the metabolic basis of Inflammation.
19 Aug 02 A Glutathione page. (See 14 Sep 03, above)
9 Jul 02 A list of relevant doctors!
28 Jun 02 Supplements is now its own top-level section, not in Resources.
18 Jun 02 Another new section: Conditions
13 May 02 MELISA testing is now available in the US!
2 Apr 02 Food is now a subsection of Challenges; My Diet is now there, also a new page on Foods Rich in Sulfur.
Another new page: L-Histidine, which I put in Study [no longer there], but should soon go in Resources.
11 Mar 02 Many additions and corrections; my apologies for not keeping track of them all.
18 Feb 02 Homocysteine now has its own page.
29 Jan 02 S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) now has its own page.
28 Jan 02 I think I've fixed the links to the archives of the AMALGAM email list. If this still doesn't work, would someone (Thanks.)
26 Jan 02 Added search capability.
10 Jan 02 More about combatting arthritis.
28 Dec 01 Added a description of My Diet as a subordinate link to the Challenge page on Food
14 Dec 01 Took the Chronic Pain section out of Miscellaneous Symptoms & Conditions in the Links section; added the one link that was there to the page on SkyDancer (Buddhism for feminists) about spiritual practices relevant to pain.
12 Dec 01 Many little additions and one big one: Treatment Methods.
23 Nov 01 A little more info on The Spiritual Work of Illness, and Pain, including some links to information on SkyDancer (Buddhism for feminists) about spiritual practices relevant to pain.
6 Jun 01 Hormone Balance and Nerve Pinch moved from Articles to Study
18 Nov 00 New files and changes too numerous to mention!
17 Nov 00 All links updated (apologies for long neglect). From now on, this will be done regularly.
15 Nov 00 A new section, Study [no longer there], now holds my notes on trying to understand my condition.
12 Jul 00 This list gets changed to reverse chronological order, so you can see the latest change without scrolling down.
25 May 00 Correct the URLs for: Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can't Tell You About the Dangers of Perfume and for Selected Abstracts on the Health Effects of Perfume
15 Mar 00 Put in a new version of the box for your email address
10 Nov 99 Fix this page, adding back the box for your email address.
31 Oct 99 Oops! I've done a lot without mentioning it here.
Can't remember all, have to rely on your browsing around.
Today: added Reacting to Challenges; more info on Liver, in Articles.
25 Jul 99 Fragrance and Liver added to Articles
Human Contact added to Challenges
and Support, in Resources, has a lot more
3 Jul 99 Electromagnetism added to Challenges
and Supplements added to Resources
9 Apr 99 Challenges section added
12 Mar 99 Canary gets some content, including this page

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