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Detoxification Crisis

I used to call this event a "liver attack." Since getting results of my DetoxiGenomic profile, I have decided that "detox crisis" is a better term: it's more specific, and allows for the fact that not all of of my faulty detox is in my liver.

This is what happens when my system can't handle something.

Initial symptoms:

  • dizziness
  • extreme weakness
  • slight headache buzz
  • meal sits like stone in stomach
  • muscle spasms in neck or back

How to prevent a major episode, or recover from one if it happens:

  • eliminate high-sulfur foods
  • eat very small meals frequently
  • avoid exercise
  • avoid chemicals more assiduously than ever (get outdoors if possible).
  • apply therapeutic magnet to headache
  • treat muscle spasms with
    • cold
    • gentle stretching
    • therapeutic magnet
  • I used to use oxygen for headache pain; it works well. Unfortunately, I've become sensitive to the plastic used to deliver the oxygen from the tank to my nose. I just got some stainless steel tubing, but it doesn't fit my mask or my regulator.
  • Take more Calcium D-Glucarate
  • SAMe used to help, but it was tricky: it helped only if I got it into me before the liver started to go down. If my liver was already unhappy, SAMe made it worse. I stopped taking SAMe because I was concerned about borderline homocysteine levels.

What a major episode does, in order of occurrence:

  • Hunger and nausea combined
  • Vomiting, sometimes more than once.
  • Severe one-sided headache. Completely incapacitating for one to three days, moderately so up to a week.
  • Weak as a kitten.
  • Feel terribly cold, can’t make any body heat.
  • Stomach feels ready for food again usually second day. Severe constipation (liquid magnesium helps).
  • First food makes painful gas
  • Profoundly dizzy; vitamin A helps.
  • Too much food, or certain foods, provoke initial warning signs again (see above). “Certain foods” are increasing.
  • Third or fourth day, become ravenously hungry.
    • If I can eat enough, I start to feel better.
    • Sometimes I react again to what I try to eat, or to other exposures. These secondary reactions, occurring when I’m already more sensitive than ususl, easily become worse than the first reaction. Sometimes the headache changes sides at this point.


The fact that I get the same symptoms in reaction to a variety of irritants is what led me to hypothesize that the problem is in detoxification. See "The Liver's Role." I'm sure there are other possibilities for the cause, and would be happy to hear about them. Please


In various places on A Canary's Eye View, I may talk about a "liver headache" or a "liver reaction": these refer to the same problem, in its different strengths and stages. [gotta fix all that with the new name]

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