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Nutrition is not, clearly, what agribusiness and the grocery industry are interested in. Though again, I'd say it seems to me it's a basic human right. The "health food" movement has raised consciousness for some — but it degenerates into fads and merchandising all too often. Here is information about how to nuture the body that seems to me well-considered.

What do I eat? Here's a description.

When I know why a food is problematic for me, I'll report it in this section.

  • It's pretty clear that Foods Rich in Sulfur are difficult because of my poor sulfoxidation.
  • I'm not clear on why sometimes I can eat fish, and sometimes I react terribly to it. I sure could use a source of protein that doesn't increase my arachidonic acid (which leads to inflammation).
    • Rebecca Ephraim analyzes the problem in Eating Fish: A Slippery Slope (Conscious Choice, July 2001).
    • Scombroid fish Poisoning: "Poisoning is caused by the ingestion of spoiled fish. Histamine and probably other toxic byproducts are produced by bacterial action on histidine, a normal muscle constituent of dark-meat fishes. Scombroid poisoning is a response to toxic by-products--not an allergic reaction to fish."

See also my page on Anti-Inflammatories for other foods which reduce inflammation.

Last updated 12 June 2002