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Problems with Ozone: Take a look at this report:

EPA report on ozone generators sold as air cleaners

What I Use for Aircleaning

I have three big AllerMed filters in my house, and one of their small auto filters in my car. Sometimes I even take one of the big ones with me — though they're awkward and heavy — to places I think will be hard for me to function in.

I use AllerMed because my doctor recommended it. I buy direct from them, but confess I haven't compared their prices with other distributors'. AllerMed's service can be slow.

Exciting New Technology

I'm thinking of getting one of these; they look partaicularly good for killing mold. Filters can get so full of mold they just spit it out again.
Universal Air Technoloty, Inc.

Other Manufacturers

Other Distributors (not an exhaustive list)

American Environmental Health Foundation
Bio-Designs by Allergy Resources
The Living Source (254) 776-4878
National Ecological Environmental Delivery System (N.E.E.D.S.)
Nirvana Safe Haven (site discusses features of several brands)
Nontoxic Environments, Inc.

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