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Years ago, coal miners took canaries down into the coal mines with them, because canaries are more sensitive to the poisonous coal gasses than human beings are. When a bird started acting sick, the miners beat a hasty retreat.

Today, those of us with chemical sensitivities often think of ourselves as canaries — not only because we’re more sensitive to chemicals than other people, but also because we know that if chemicals keep getting into people’s bodies as they do now, then many more besides us will suffer.

This site is for supporting my fellow canaries, and for informing all you temporarily able-bodied folks of the growing danger to you, too.

In addition, this is a record of my investigations into what is wrong with me, an ongoing research project. The Web is a revolutionary resource for people with poorly-understood medical conditions. Here I am working to ...

  • collect leads about how my body is malfunctioning
    • preferably from sites with documentation
    • linking to sites without documentation if the information is interesting and I can't find documentation
  • build a coherent concept of mechanisms.
  • strategize methods of treatment.

If you have knowledge about the factors I'm studying which you would like to share, .

A Canary's-Eye View is necessarily inexpert, incomplete, and tentative. Portions in [brackets] are comments to myself on directions to pursue. This research has already yielded some avenues of treatment that have helped – for me. What you see here is not medical advice.

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